Avada theme wins again

My latest WordPress site is http://www.gatewaystorage.co.nz which I built using my favourite Avada theme. This time I required to do minor customisations and I got really good solutions from the wonderful Avada theme support team. One could argue that customisations are a premise of developers and not the theme authors, but Avada is such an advanced and flexible theme that it already has an ability to add customisations simply and quickly. In my books Avada theme wins again for my top wordpress theme.

Also as a developer needing to keep abreast of the google webmaster tools issues that crop up after redirecting an old html site to a new wordpress page, I also was able to get really amazing help from the http://www.linkedin.com WordPress forum members. World class developers offer their expertise to help other developers in various tasks. So when things got tricky with 301s and 404s showing up, my buddies on linkedin came to my assistance. This has allowed me to grow my development skills and extend them to SEO tasks.