Favourite WordPress Themes

As a web designer who decided to become a web developer, I feel very fortunate that I have entered a new era in web development. This is the era for WordPress the King.  I am able to specialise in developing pre designed WordPress themes, that are ready built. I can make them unique for my customers, without knowing a line of database code, yet I have such satisfied customers, you would think I was a guru. Once you get the hang of how each theme can be developed, its a doddle. The criteria I place highest is: the theme structure; it has to be responsive to devices, the menu has to have enough space to expand – it should have a slider built in, and then the ease of development has got to come a close second.  Then the support desk for questions – they have to be available and helpful.

Freebie Themes that are great

My favourite flavour-of-the-month free themes from www.wordpress.org open source site, that I downloaded and developed for clients in July 2014 was the Catch Themes – see www.rinosmotel.com and Spacious theme from ThemeGrill – see www.eliteconcrete.co.nz.

In August 2014 my favourite theme was Accelerate, by ThemeGrill  – see www.linkstorage.co.nz  This theme was just sooo easy to set up, and completely hassle free and open source. I can’t rave enough about this theme. I am in love with it.

Next among my favourites, right now, comes Vantage theme by Site Origin which I am currently developing, although its not completely free; you have spend $15 to upgrade to Pro version to get the responsive menu. But this is still a reasonable price to pay to get a slick looking design.  Awesome theme.

Favourite Premium Theme

Hands down the best theme to buy is AVADA at $55 US dollars. No wonder they are the best selling theme at www.themeforest.net.  It just works like a dream and so customizeable, the WooCommerce plugin works like a dream and displays products so easily. Whether you want a site that showcases your products or one that showcases and sells them too, then it all just falls into place, no hassles or complications. And the helpdesk! Wow they are so fabulous, if you have any questions they are so quick and helpful. See nahaiaactiveorganics.co.nz/ as this is a beautifully adapted AVADA theme, although the site is still under construction.

Themeforest via my referral link – Click here

Best Web Hosting:
Web site Hosting at Siteground.com. I have moved all my customer sites to this web hoster.

My Favourite Web Customer

My favourite customer featured this month is www.linkstorage.co.nz.  They were what I consider to be a Dream customer; had all their own content AND images ready to go; they phoned and gave me the job over the phone right there and then. I was able to build the site within 2 weeks as it had fairly uncomplicated content. You could say, the customer knew exactly what they wanted, which made my job easier.