Can I edit my html website without any development skills?

Is this you: stuck with a limited budget Html website, and want to add something new to it? The content is getting stale, is not interactive enough, and your google rankings are going down as a result. So are you now asking, can I update my own content? Well, the answer is no, not unless you have software like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, to do the editing, as well as an understanding of FTP and how and where to upload the pages. So I would suggest you best leave the editing/updating to a developer, or better still, now is the time to create a new CMS to replace your site. Then you can edit to your hearts content.

Webdesinz can update or upgrade your website to a WordPress site, so that the new algorythim being set by Google on 21st April 2015, does not send your html site to the bottom of the listing in Google directory.


How to add an Interactive page within a static website

Shoestring budget website tips: So you have a static Html website, with pages that only the developer knows how to update for you. And that was probably fine to start with, but now you want a page or a section that you can post news, or so people can leave comments or notes.

WordPress Blog sites are easy to link and integrate into your existing static website. When you join up with, you are generated a URL web address of which appears in the address bar.

You take this link of the new URL and give it to your developer to have it added to your other site menu (in your html site). The only other alternative is to have your entire website built in WordPress so that all pages belong to the same structure and theme. Let me know if you want help adding WordPress to your site by contacting me on