An Html or a CMS website?

Html sites are single linked html pages, cheap and quick to build, whereas CMS sites are interlinked dynamic database driven systems, more expensive to set up – but they are cheaper and quicker to update in the long run.

And now, as of April 2015, another reason to by pass html sites, is that you will be penalised in Google Directory for having an html site, if it is not google mobile friendly. You may be planning to upgrade your html website  to a CMS, or you have no website and want to get the best site for your needs, right from the start.  The reason why people opt for a CMS, (Content Management System) is because they like to be able to quickly edit their content online, whereas with html sites, are not able to do that. An html website used to be sufficient for a Static Brochure type Website, and it was a cheaper option. However, from now on, you cant even consider this option. I would also strongly suggest that you upgrade your html site to a WordPress immediately, because Google is going to penalise all sites that are not deemed mobile friendly. And I hate to say it folks, most html sites are simply NOT mobile friendly, hence your site will go to the bottom of the search. Just run a search in google for testing your site to see if it is mobile friendly: or

A basic blog account at is free; but will only give you limited functionality, not able to add plugins for things like newsletters and join ups etc. This means its not suitable for a fully fledged website for business.  When you enrol at you are given a domain name URL like, which most visitors can spot it is not a privately owned domain name. I have a blog, just to illustrate how it works. Of course, does have the facility to add a private domain name to mask your blog address, and replace it with a single private domain name; but because you have to pay for monthly hosting for that service, you might as well have your own independent site running separately in the first place., is the place where developers can view then download the open-source free themes and plugins by the dozen, then build a WordPress site for you, with all the bells and whistles you desire. I am not suggesting a lay person try and do this themselves, unless they are a little bit savvy with developing already.

A privately installed wordpress, has no restrictions like what is encountered at, and this allows you hundreds of different functions.  If you require a show case for your products or fully link to a Shopping Cart, then you can have either option with a WooCommerce Plugin. Therefore if you are in business then you should get a CMS installed on your own hosting account and get this done by a developer,  so you can a) can manage and edit it and b) extend the functionality later, without re-writing the whole site. If you are local to me you are welcome to come to my home office, I can teach you how to get around  the admin dashboard area to your media library, your pages and posts, add galleries and upload documents or whatever functions you want added. Contact for more advice on upgrading your website.

Does this spell the end of of html websites?

Latest News Flash! Does this spell the end of html websites? Big changes are coming, with Google changing its algorithm.

What is an algorithm? The states: An algorithm is a set of steps that are followed in order to solve a mathematical problem or to complete a computer process.

Why are they changing it? To make websites more relevant, accessible and readable, in a mobile device. By linking first of all to mobile friendly sites, that allows google to cater to listings that have taken the trouble to update their sites. Where does that leave you?

If you are an html website owner, you need to know that after April 21 2015, your old html web site will drop below your competitors mobile friendly listings. And as you know, if you were used to appearing on the first page of searches, you may now get thumped to page 10! And do your customers go through page after page of searches, til they find your link? I think not. That means your indexed site in Google is as good as dead. You won’t be found, end of story. Is your business dependent upon visibility in Google?

Of course, this may take a little while to kick in, and if you have other sister sites and other supporting directory links and those sites are CMS and mobile friendly, then chances are you will be able to get away without much of a drop. But dont put your full hopes on that….

See this article (among others) that can be found on Google:

Contact Webdesinz to get your old html website converted to a Google compliant website so that it can continue to keep its ranking in Google Directory.

(ps you may notice the website is an html site. This is being changed over to a full wordpress site as we speak. Webdesinz also has and which are wordpress sites.)

Avada theme wins again

My latest WordPress site is which I built using my favourite Avada theme. This time I required to do minor customisations and I got really good solutions from the wonderful Avada theme support team. One could argue that customisations are a premise of developers and not the theme authors, but Avada is such an advanced and flexible theme that it already has an ability to add customisations simply and quickly. In my books Avada theme wins again for my top wordpress theme.

Also as a developer needing to keep abreast of the google webmaster tools issues that crop up after redirecting an old html site to a new wordpress page, I also was able to get really amazing help from the WordPress forum members. World class developers offer their expertise to help other developers in various tasks. So when things got tricky with 301s and 404s showing up, my buddies on linkedin came to my assistance. This has allowed me to grow my development skills and extend them to SEO tasks.


Favourite WordPress Themes

As a web designer who decided to become a web developer, I feel very fortunate that I have entered a new era in web development. This is the era for WordPress the King.  I am able to specialise in developing pre designed WordPress themes, that are ready built. I can make them unique for my customers, without knowing a line of database code, yet I have such satisfied customers, you would think I was a guru. Once you get the hang of how each theme can be developed, its a doddle. The criteria I place highest is: the theme structure; it has to be responsive to devices, the menu has to have enough space to expand – it should have a slider built in, and then the ease of development has got to come a close second.  Then the support desk for questions – they have to be available and helpful.

Freebie Themes that are great

My favourite flavour-of-the-month free themes from open source site, that I downloaded and developed for clients in July 2014 was the Catch Themes – see and Spacious theme from ThemeGrill – see

In August 2014 my favourite theme was Accelerate, by ThemeGrill  – see  This theme was just sooo easy to set up, and completely hassle free and open source. I can’t rave enough about this theme. I am in love with it.

Next among my favourites, right now, comes Vantage theme by Site Origin which I am currently developing, although its not completely free; you have spend $15 to upgrade to Pro version to get the responsive menu. But this is still a reasonable price to pay to get a slick looking design.  Awesome theme.

Favourite Premium Theme

Hands down the best theme to buy is AVADA at $55 US dollars. No wonder they are the best selling theme at  It just works like a dream and so customizeable, the WooCommerce plugin works like a dream and displays products so easily. Whether you want a site that showcases your products or one that showcases and sells them too, then it all just falls into place, no hassles or complications. And the helpdesk! Wow they are so fabulous, if you have any questions they are so quick and helpful. See as this is a beautifully adapted AVADA theme, although the site is still under construction.

Themeforest via my referral link – Click here

Best Web Hosting:
Web site Hosting at I have moved all my customer sites to this web hoster.

My Favourite Web Customer

My favourite customer featured this month is  They were what I consider to be a Dream customer; had all their own content AND images ready to go; they phoned and gave me the job over the phone right there and then. I was able to build the site within 2 weeks as it had fairly uncomplicated content. You could say, the customer knew exactly what they wanted, which made my job easier.



Can I edit my html website without any development skills?

Is this you: stuck with a limited budget Html website, and want to add something new to it? The content is getting stale, is not interactive enough, and your google rankings are going down as a result. So are you now asking, can I update my own content? Well, the answer is no, not unless you have software like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, to do the editing, as well as an understanding of FTP and how and where to upload the pages. So I would suggest you best leave the editing/updating to a developer, or better still, now is the time to create a new CMS to replace your site. Then you can edit to your hearts content.

Webdesinz can update or upgrade your website to a WordPress site, so that the new algorythim being set by Google on 21st April 2015, does not send your html site to the bottom of the listing in Google directory.


How to add an Interactive page within a static website

Shoestring budget website tips: So you have a static Html website, with pages that only the developer knows how to update for you. And that was probably fine to start with, but now you want a page or a section that you can post news, or so people can leave comments or notes.

WordPress Blog sites are easy to link and integrate into your existing static website. When you join up with, you are generated a URL web address of which appears in the address bar.

You take this link of the new URL and give it to your developer to have it added to your other site menu (in your html site). The only other alternative is to have your entire website built in WordPress so that all pages belong to the same structure and theme. Let me know if you want help adding WordPress to your site by contacting me on